Wolverine Blockchain is a team of undergraduate students at the University of Michigan dedicated to learning about crypto assets, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology.

Our team consists of undergraduates from a variety of backgrounds including Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, and Engineering.



Weekly, 1.5 hour meetings comprised of two parts.

First, a powerpoint presentation led by two students on a topic of their choosing.

Second, a book-club style discussion on a current event, recent article, podcast or video led by another two students.

Discussions are open floor—active participation from club members occurs throughout the presentations.

With members rotating each week, topics in the past have included decentralized web browsers, scalability solutions to Bitcoin/Ethereum (LN/Casper/Raiden), privacy coins (ZCash/Monero), charitable giving through cryptocurrencies, and much more.


Once a month, we open our doors to the community and host mass “Town Halls”.

Some events are student-led, while others include faculty members, thought leaders, and leading companies in the sector.

Past events have included a “Crash Course on Cryptocurrencies” (500+ in attendance), “Careers in Crypto Panel” (ft. Coinbase & district0x), and even a “Blockchain in Python for Beginners” workshop.


Our members further explore areas of interest in the form of independent project teams.

Current projects in development include an algorithmic trading bot and a digital asset investment research group.