Wolverine Blockchain is a team of undergraduate students at the University of Michigan dedicated to learning about crypto assets, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology.

Our team consists of undergraduates from a variety of backgrounds including Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, and Engineering.



  • Weekly, 1.5 hour meetings comprised of two parts.
    • First, a powerpoint presentation led by two students on a topic of their choosing.
    • Second, a book-club style discussion on a current event, recent article, podcast or video led by another two students.
    • Discussions are open floor—active participation from club members occurs throughout the presentations.
  • With members rotating each week, topics in the past have included decentralized web browsers, scalability solutions to Bitcoin/Ethereum (LN/Casper/Raiden), privacy coins (ZCash/Monero), charitable giving through cryptocurrencies, and much more.


  • Once a month, we open our doors to the community and host mass “Town Halls”.
  • Some events are student-led, while others include faculty members, thought leaders, and leading companies in the sector.
  • Past events have included a “Crash Course on Cryptocurrencies” (500+ in attendance), “Careers in Crypto Panel” (ft. Coinbase & district0x), and even a “Blockchain in Python for Beginners” workshop.


  • Our members further explore areas of interest in the form of independent project teams.
  • Current projects in development include an algorithmic trading bot and a digital asset investment research group.